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The TOX®-Software is the ideal tool for operating the servo press. The software can be installed on your Windows or Linux PC or on the optionally available TOX®-HMI-Panel.

In addition to simple operation and visualization of your system, the TOX®-Software additionally expands the system with configuration and parameterizing functions for the application: Simply create your desired processes without programming know-how.

The software also impresses with its modern, intuitive UI design including dashboard and widget functions. These enable easy customization of the user interface and consequently screens that are perfectly adapted to respective operators.


  • 5 windows per process freely definable
  • Mathematical functions available (inflection point, integral,…)
  • Calculation functions (+, -, ÷, >…)


  • 2 channels, e.g. force 1 / force 2 + position (physical)
  • tracks in a diagram, e.g. physical inputs such as force and position, speed, time, 1st and 2nd dissipation to position or time, values from the application (customized up to 5 available)
  • 5000 diagram points per track

TOX®-PowerModule Core - The central intelligence for the control and monitoring of all functions

The TOX®-PowerModule Core servo inverter is required for operation of the servo drive. Amongst others, features include:


  • Fast commissioning (Plug & Play)
  • Whole application stored on SD card
  • Programming/parameterization of process parameters (online and offline)
  • Integrated PLC functions in accordance with IEC 61131
  • Maintenance-free
  • Switch to external force sensors possible
  • Flexible fieldbus
  • Window and envelope monitoring

The electromechanical drive systems of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK are particularly distinguished by the application being optimized in the factory. For example, the control of the servo drive is especially programmed for the high loads of a mechanical press. As return, the standard resolver is the perfect aide for the control.

In addition, the long-standing experience as machine and press manufacturer has been implemented in the application with regard to targeted travel to a defined force or position. A repeat accuracy of 10 m is achieved here.
A possible bending up of the system can be compensated within the system (pressing independent of bending up).


  • Force control or function control
  • Relative stroke/force
  • Inflection point detection
  • Individual acceleration and delay
  • Rework depending on situation
  • Pressing in according to PLC standard values
  • Travel to position/force or combined
  • Multiple condition, process request/subprocess request
  • Taring of force sensor

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